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Ford Motor Company - a joint stock company with headquarters in Dearborn , Michigan, USA , founded June 16, 1903 in Detroit by Henry Ford. The company had its own forests , mines , steel mills , water transport , air and rail . At one time in Dearborn factory employed about 100 thousand . people. Today it is a large automotive company producing cars, trucks , buses, trucks and agricultural machinery , computer equipment and other items. The company employs about 246 thousand . employees (June 2008) . In the U.S. produced luxury models of Ford , sold under the brand name of Lincoln . Ford bought a small stake in Mazda brands and Aston Martin . In 1989, the company was the holder of the Jaguar brand , and since 2000 the Land Rover . Both were sold to Tata Motors in 2008, owned a Ford since 1999 was Volvo , which was sold in 2010, the company Zhejiang Geely Holding Group. In 2011, Ford stopped production of cars under the name Mercury (cheaper priced alternative to the Ford and Lincoln ) , which functioned since 1938 . Ford is the second largest automaker in the U.S. and the fifth largest in the world . In 2008 the Ford factory left 5 million 532 thousand vehicles. Depending on market requirements , the Ford Motor Company was founded in various countries, its subsidiaries , which produce quite different, often not found elsewhere models of Ford . The largest of these is the Ford -Werke AG , located in Cologne, Germany .



The company Ford founded in the USA in 1903, founded by Henry Ford , founder of the products of mass production . A year later opened the first foreign factory in Canada. To this day, in this country is produced American Ford models . In 1908 came the Ford Model T. Thanks to the production line , from year to year became cheaper , to the extent that the average earning people to start thinking about his purchase . Until 1928 , when its production was completed , created a total of more than 15 million copies of this model. His successor was a very successful Ford Model A in 1927 . For 1931, produced more than 4.3 million units . In the thirties there was a division of constructions and vans , as far versions of the pick-up based on a passenger car chassis . During World War II, produced at Ford model Ford GPW to the military, which is equivalent to the Willys Jeep .


After the lifting of the ban on the production of civilian cars in 1947 resumed the production of modified pre-war models . Completely new model appeared in 1950 , it was the Ford Custom . Breakthrough design should also include Ford Falcon 1960 , the first American compact car after World War II , and cheap sports model Ford Mustang of 1964 Sensational sale almost all models from this period forced the company to reduce production , as If control over 60 % of the market , competition authority would impose huge penalties . So in the mid-sixties on some Ford models had to wait even after three months.


At the end of the seventies Ford planned to introduce in the U.S. a new European compact model, the Ford Escort , which debuted on the old continent in 1980 , however, it was found that no appeal to customers and it was decided to create a new body design , based on the components of the European version . Auto was not comely , but due to the low price sold moderately . In the nineties, it was decided to work more closely with a subsidiary in Germany. In this way, the first-generation Ford Mondeo was produced and sold in the United States under the name Ford Contour , Ford Focus and even the same name .

The most popular model personal in recent years was the Ford Taurus , which was replaced in 2005, a new model of Five Hundred . However, the most popular car in the U.S. is a pick-up , the Ford F series


In 1911, Ford created the first factory in Europe. At the location chosen Manchester in England. Originally produced in the Ford Model T. In later years were British designs , as Ford Perfect, England , Popular , Cortina , or Consul .

In 1925 he opened a new plant in Germany. Before the war, there were produced models such as Cologne , Rhineland , and the Eifel. In 1931 he established the factory in Cologne. In 1939, the Germans changed the name of the plant at Ford -Werke . In 1941-1945, in the factories, working for the war , workers were employed coercion . After the war , in 1952, appeared in the Ford Taunus .

Ford also had a manufacturing plant in France , called Ford SAF, where models were created Comete , Vedette and Versailles . The factory was sold in the mid-fifties the company Simca , which continued production of the Versailles , under the name Simca Vedette . In the sixties there was a closer cooperation between the two branches , German and English . They began to produce the same models , sometimes used different engines , like Ford Capri . In time, the British betting began to lose its importance , so that today the European design offices are located in Germany . In the eighties, built on the body type hatchback . In these body styles debuted Ford Escort , Sierra and Scorpio . Trouble qualitative model which had mainly low popularity Sierra and Escort IV gen broken for good only model Focus, praised for its styling and high quality.

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