History of DODGE

Dodge Company, owned since 1928 to Chrysler, was founded in the late nineteenth century. By two brothers - John and Horace 'a Dodge. Initially, the company was manufacturing parts and engines to other manufacturers, including Ford, a 1914 Dodge also began manufacturing their own vehicles.

Dodge the very beginnings of the company were still associated with the production of bicycles and parts of machines (company Dodge Brothers Bicycle & Machine Factory was established in 1897.). However, at the turn of the century the company began producing high quality bearings (invention Horace Dodge 's), whose main customer was the company Oldsmobile. This partnership did not last long, as early as 1902. Dodge Brothers Team Up With Henry Ford (give him a loan, and even become co-owners of the Ford Motor Comp.), And from the beginning to provide most of the mechanical parts for the Ford Model T. In 1910, . is formed near the Detroit factory Dodge 's, which are mounted at the beginning of Fords. Dodge Brothers Company is the world's largest manufacturer of automobile parts. However, the relationship of brothers and Ford slowly break down and finally Henry Ford buys back from them shares in their company.

In 1914, Dodge begins production of his own car (even as the Dodge Brothers Company). It is the "Old Betsy ". A year later, the annual output is 45 thousand. copies. Also created the first light truck. Very good step for the development of the company becomes a collaboration with the US Army, launched in 1916. In the war in Mexico. From that moment on Dodge supplies for the US Army trucks. After the war he continued the production of various types of commercial vehicle - ambulances, vans, fire brigade vehicles, pickups. In 1920. Dodge becomes the second largest car manufacturer in the United States, and in 1925 will exceed one million cars produced.

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