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French concern PSA known for producing cars Peugeot and Citroen cars are popular in European markets. Its popularity car won in the markets of the middle class and compact . Very popular compact models 307 207 and one Class D segment model - Peugeot 407 is very popular in Western Europe.

Due to the obvious historical is not very popular in the United States understood because nationalism of the American continent . Also a car of this brand is not popular in East Europe in countries such as Russia and the Far East where cars reign of German companies and the U.S. , Yet the company prospers very well as one of the few in recent years, it has achieved very good results . In addition, this improved the quality of their products . Once thought to be the products of French companies do not meet the stringent quality standards and their car would simply break down . However, this is a stereotype , but popular to this day .

The latest flagship Peugoet - 508 will have a five-year warranty on this model and the renewed design and logo will surely find many takers for cars with the company.


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How the Stellantis Merger Drives Exciting Offers - 2024 update

Peugeot's Evolution Within a Global Giant

The automotive world witnessed a seismic shift in January 2021 when Peugeot's parent company, Groupe PSA, joined forces with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) to create the mighty Stellantis, now a dominant force in the global car market. This wasn't merely a business deal; it was a strategic move fueled by the desire for cost savings, wider market reach, and a collaborative push towards the forefront of electric and autonomous vehicle technologies.

Peugeot: Thriving Under the Stellantis Umbrella

Peugeot hasn't lost its identity within this massive corporation – the brand proudly maintains its signature blend of French style, cutting-edge features, and an unwavering dedication to driver comfort. So, where can savvy car buyers find the hottest, most up-to-date Peugeot deals?  Start by exploring the official Peugeot website and major dealership websites, as these are treasure troves of special offers and local promotions. Additionally, don't overlook price comparison sites focused on car deals – they allow you to effortlessly compare Peugeot offers from a multitude of sources.  


Offers to Keep an Eye Out For

Expect to find a tempting array of enticements like low-interest financing, generous cashback rewards, value-packed upgrade bundles, and trade-in bonuses that sweeten the deal on your dream Peugeot. Just remember, the devil's in the details, so carefully review the fine print of any offer before making a decision.


The Stellantis Legacy: A Brighter Future for Peugeot

The formation of Stellantis has propelled Peugeot into a new era of opportunity.  By tapping into the resources and advantages of this merger, the beloved French brand is better equipped than ever to continue its legacy of innovation and automotive excellence.


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