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French concern PSA known for producing cars Peugeot and Citroen cars are popular in European markets. Its popularity car won in the markets of the middle class and compact . Very popular compact models 307 207 and one Class D segment model - Peugeot 407 is very popular in Western Europe.

Due to the obvious historical is not very popular in the United States understood because nationalism of the American continent . Also a car of this brand is not popular in East Europe in countries such as Russia and the Far East where cars reign of German companies and the U.S. , Yet the company prospers very well as one of the few in recent years, it has achieved very good results . In addition, this improved the quality of their products . Once thought to be the products of French companies do not meet the stringent quality standards and their car would simply break down . However, this is a stereotype , but popular to this day .

The latest flagship Peugoet - 508 will have a five-year warranty on this model and the renewed design and logo will surely find many takers for cars with the company.


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