Honda - Japan history shortcut

Honda is a founded in Japan - an international corporation that produces cars, motorcycles, scooters, airplanes, motors and various types of machines for construction, agricultural and other uses. Today it is the largest manufacturer of engines in the world. It produces the more than 25 million per year. Production plants were placed in more than 30 different countries. Headquartered in Tokyo. In contrast, the seat of Honda Motor Europe Ltd. located in Slough (United Kingdom). Montesa Honda is a subsidiary of Honda, located in the Province of Barcelona in Spain.

One to the most known quad/ATV is Honda Rancher

Honda in 2024 - Current situation

Honda, a renowned name in the automobile industry, has been facing significant challenges recently. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and semiconductor shortages have wreaked havoc on new car production for Honda. The company had to scale back its production plans by as much as 40% at its Japanese plants starting early in September.

Despite these setbacks, Honda remains optimistic about its North American production lines, which are expected to run at full speed. Market ShareHonda's market share stands at 5.34%, making it one of the leading players in the global automobile industry. Despite the recent production cutbacks,

Honda continues to hold a strong position in the market, competing with other major manufacturers like Toyota, Ford, and Volkswagen. Product PortfolioHonda's product portfolio is diverse and extensive.

The company is known for manufacturing a broad range of products including motorcycles, automobiles, and power products. In the automobile sector,

Honda's second-largest segment is the Large Cars segment, accounting for 13% of the company's revenue in 2022.

Honda is also the world's largest motorcycle manufacturer since 1959, and it's the world's largest manufacturer of internal combustion engines, producing more than 14 million units each year. Honda's commitment to innovation is evident in its investment in the development of semi-solid-state batteries (lithium-metal secondary batteries) with SES AI Corporation.

In conclusion, despite the current challenges, Honda continues to be a significant player in the global automobile industry. Its diverse product portfolio, combined with its commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, positions it well for future growth and success.

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