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The German car company Audi is recognized worldwide as a symbol of prestige and elegance. These sports and business cars typically apply to both diplomacy , business and for those who like a strong driving experience. The characteristic four-wheel drive in the Audi brand logo makes their sight , many drivers awakens admiration and envy.

Some historical data about Audi

The history of Audi dates back to 1899, when August Horch (1869-1951) founded the Cologne company Horch. Then I moved the plant in 1904 and Zwickau. After financial troubles and problems on the board in 1909, left the company and founded a new company. Because of the new venture could no longer connect to his name, he called them by translating his name (horch is imperative from horchen, or listen) to the Latin - meaning "audi". In 1932, the Audi company combining the betting Horch, Wanderer and DKW entered the Auto Union company, whose logo (four interlaced rings, symbolizing the four shareholders of the company) is today used by Audi.

Audi today

High sales of cars of this company is undoubtedly great merit , simply legendary German solidity as well as attention to stylistic detail . Style products of this company is rather classic and sober , not an expression of extravagance designers and jesto fairly constant for years. This producer has in its offer car segment A (Audi A1) as well as segment B, C ( A3 ) and D and E (A5 , A6 )

The most famous models produced for the European market is a audi a4 a6 also gaining wide recognition and models Sports s4 and s6 .

There is also a series of off-road vehicles . (Audo Q3 , Q5, Q7 )

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