Ford Mustang Mk4 gps tracking

Ford Mustang Mk4 GPS Tracking

Track your Mustang Mk4 for free and visualize it on map

Produced from: 1993
Produced to: 2004

How to track your favourite Ford - model Mustang Mk4 in realtime for free ?

Producer remarks about this particular model

In 1994 there was another vast change in appearance . The new model , whose premiere took place on Dec. 9, 1993 marked " SN -95" introduced a whole new level - its appearance alluded to earlier -generation Mustang , he returned to his seat galloping horse ( in the 80s there was a blue stamp Ford ) . New design drew attention to the Mustang and restored him to popularity. Full rounded shapes and soft curves , the new Mustang was really appreciated . The engine power increased to 215 horsepower (base model was equipped with a V6 engine with a capacity of 3.8 liters and 150 hp ) . Also in 1994, created a special model Mustang Cobra Convertible . He had pięciolitrowy V8 engine with 240 horsepower. In the same year, the Mustang received the prestigious title of Car of the Year from the magazine " Car and Driver". In 1996, the Mustang once again underwent a facelift - received a new grille design, its appearance resembling a honeycomb . Also, the rear lights are arranged vertically rather than horizontally as in the models from the 80s and the first half of the 90th There was a special model Mustang SVT Cobra V8 engine with a displacement of 4.6 liters and output of 305 horses. Engine size has forced a new look with a distinctive domed bonnet air intake. As in earlier years , customers still had the right to choose for an additional charge appropriate packages and accessories for your car , such as Preferred Equipment Package GT type car ( included in the kit Air Conditioning, AM / FM radio , cassette player , ABS , fog lamps , rear spoiler , sport seats ) . The year 1998 was also the last year of the rounded shapes of cars ( called " Round Body Mustang " ) .

Our product description

We are offering you completely free of charge our GPS car tracking solution in real time. The only thing you need to do is to install smartphone with Android inside your vehicle with our awesome application on board

If you want to track your Ford Mustang Mk4 in real time you have to do the following :


1. Download Free Car Tracking Application for Mustang Mk4 application from Google Play

2. Create free account on (for example johndoe) - here is detailed instruction

3. Define Device endpoint  for each vehicle you want to track - give friendly name of your Mustang Mk4  and PIN (some random will be provided - you can change it if you want)

4. Run SpySat mobile application on the smartphone and type there your LOGIN from SpySat (ex. johndoe) and PIN (from point 3.)

5. Install your smartphone inside the car

6. Enjoy watching position of your car at site.

7. Provide stable power supply - spysat app consumes some energy.

Best options to install smartphone inside Ford Mustang Mk4


Our engineers together with engineers from Ford developed an optimal place we should put a tracking device. The device should be packaged in a special case. It is protected against mechanical shock and sudden temperature changes. An important element is the airbag anti-shock eliminates most dangerous vibrations.

Users opinions and questions

Overall car performs very well and gives fun to drive. Service unfortunately very expensive - the cost of the first review