History of Subaru

Both the Subaru brand name and its logo directly relate to astrology. Subaru is simply a galaxy, and the brand logo represents a constellation of six stars. History of the company dates back to 1917, however, the first car Subaru appeared only in 1954.

Galaxy of six stars, which appears in the Subaru logo appeared only in the 50s, but the history of the brand, like other Japanese manufacturers began during World War II. With the old connotations of the airline industry can not currently Subaru is one of the most popular, but certainly to a group of the most innovative car manufacturers.

After the defeat by Japan World War II came to the demilitarization of one of the most famous air companies, Nakajima Aircraft. However, with the approval of the US and the UN created Zjednaczonych company Fuji Heavy Industries, which in addition to the existing, albeit limited industry, he was also producing construction equipment and household appliances. In 1953. Also decided to create a department responsible for the construction of cars.

A year later, Fuji Heavy Industries, presented the first prototype passenger car, which was code-named P-1 work. A year later, made a presentation Subaru 1500, which turned out to be a masterpiece of space technology. Auto had a fully independent suspension front wheels supported by the oil and gas shock absorbers and independent wahaczom trailing. While the construction of the first car was at a high level, it wailed distribution network. This resulted in the suspension of production and shifting of the productive forces to build buses. The first models appeared in 1958. In the same year, however, decided to return to the cars, which resulted in the decision to introduce the Subaru 360. Auto perfectly formed part of the needs of the Japanese market and successfully produced was until 1970.

Mark growth in 1960s

Another great series performed by Subaru came in 1966 with a series of 1000. Auto again turned out to be a masterpiece of technology through cross-installed as the engine. The idea was so successful that it has successfully so mannered car with the engine are manufactured today by increasing the stability and weight distribution vehicles. In 1969, he debuted on the market the successor to the Subaru 360, model R-2. Two years later, the Japanese brand has presented Leone in a sedan or station wagon type Boxer engine with horizontally opposed cylinders and pistons arranged. Another model and further innovation. For it was the first passenger car in series production of four-wheel drive, garage Subaru 4WD baptized symbol. Subaru Leone marked the beginning of the same one, with pride, the group, the AWD system, independent four-wheel drive.

Popularity, which won this drive was the ground for the next construction Subaru Rex 1972, Brother - 4x4 pickup sold since 1977. In the United States, minivan Domingo 1983. And a small Justy 1984.

In conjunction with the unquestionable talent of the late rally "Flying Scotsman" - Colin McRae, Subaru won the 1995 WRC double crown (title in the drivers' and constructors). Also, in 1996 and 1997. The event she left behind at the rally competition sections for stable Subaru bringing the manufacturers' titles. The event also gave rise to a new class of cars WRC upon which their models also construct a Ford, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Peugeot, Seat, Citroen, Skoda, Hyundai and Suzuki recently.
The serial version of the event also went through the sporting side of GT, WRX, WRX STi and the station wagon and Baja - Four-pick-up. In Europe, the car debuted in 1994.

Today's Subaru situation

Successive vehicles were on the wallpaper Subaru Subaru Forester - crossover went on sale in 1997. The Japanese brand schedule was also a place for the next generation Legacy. Three years later the new generation saw the events of "lenticular" lights. Auto still rode well but the appearance of the front of the car does not appeal to customers fell, which resulted in a debut restylizowanej version in 2003. At the same time, the road went G3X Justy - twin Suzuki Ignis. In 2005, Subaru decided to show the first SUV B9 Tribeca. Auto initially intended only for the US market later went to Europe.

Within throughout its history Subaru accustomed to shock the quality of driving their vehicles. In 2008, shocked again. This time, however, the decision relate to events already iconic design. Turned into a hatchback sedan, which in the circle of admirers orthodox brand caused a wave of criticism. Confusion around the events that made almost unnoticed past the next views Forester, Outback and Legacy. Technical innovation of the year was, in turn, develop a Boxer engine in the diesel version.

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