Peugeot 205  gps tracking

Peugeot 205 GPS Tracking

Track your 205 for free and visualize it on map

Produced from: 1983
Produced to: 1998

How to track your favourite Peugeot - model 205 in realtime for free ?

Producer remarks about this particular model

Peugeot 205 - car B segment produced in Europe by the French automaker Peugeot between 1983 and 1998. It is one of the most popular hatchback of the eighties of the twentieth century. In a plebiscite on the European Car of the Year 1984 model took 2 position (for Fiat Uno). Made in the total number of 5.3 million copies, versions door hatchback, five-door hatchback, sedan and convertible.

Our product description

We are offering you completely free of charge our GPS car tracking solution in real time. The only thing you need to do is to install smartphone with Android inside your vehicle with our awesome application on board

If you want to track your Peugeot 205 in real time you have to do the following :


1. Download Free Car Tracking Application for 205 application from Google Play

2. Create free account on (for example johndoe) - here is detailed instruction

3. Define Device endpoint  for each vehicle you want to track - give friendly name of your 205   and PIN (some random will be provided - you can change it if you want)

4. Run SpySat mobile application on the smartphone and type there your LOGIN from SpySat (ex. johndoe) and PIN (from point 3.)

5. Install your smartphone inside the car

6. Enjoy watching position of your car at site.

7. Provide stable power supply - spysat app consumes some energy.

Best options to install smartphone inside Peugeot 205

To permanently mount a smartphone inside your Peugeot 205, follow these steps:

1. Identify the location in the car where you want to mount the phone. It could be on the dashboard, center console, or any other convenient area.

2. Purchase an appropriate mounting bracket or holder that fits your smartphone model and securely fastens to the chosen mounting location. Ensure it can support the weight of your device and withstand vibration and shocks typically encountered in a car environment.

3. Connect the mounting bracket to the battery terminals using high-quality terminals and cables that match your vehicle's electrical system. You may need a professional mechanic to assist you with this step since incorrect wiring could damage your battery or affect other electrical systems.

4. Install any necessary software applications on your smartphone, such as GPS tracking apps, music players, or navigation programs. Ensure these apps are compatible with your device and have the latest updates installed for optimal performance.

5. Download our free app from our website that is specifically designed to work with Peugeot 205 smartphones. This app allows you to customize settings, monitor battery life, set up geofencing, and track your vehicle's location in real-time. It also provides useful maintenance tips based on the specific features of your car model.

By following these steps, you can securely mount your smartphone inside your Peugeot 205 with a permanent direct connection to the battery and use it as a GPS tracker application. Remember to regularly maintain your device and app updates for optimal performance.

Users opinions and questions

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the recommended oil type and interval for a 1986 Peugeot 205 with a 1.3L engine, according to Peugeot's factory manual?

According to Peugeot's factory manual for the 1986 Peugeot 205 with a 1.3L engine, the recommended oil type is SAE 10W-40 fully synthetic or semi-synthetic oil. The oil change interval is typically every 12,000 kilometers or once a year, whichever comes first. Always refer to your vehicle's owner's manual for the most accurate information regarding your specific model and engine size.

What are the common engine problems and their solutions for a 1986 Peugeot 205 GTI, and which replacement parts should be recommended based on its high-mileage status?

As an AI, I don't have direct knowledge of specific cars or their histories. However, based on common issues found in the 1986 Peugeot 205 GTi, here are some general problems and their potential solutions:
1. Overheating: This can be caused by a faulty thermostat, radiator or cooling system leaks. Solutions may include replacing the thermostat, fixing radiator leaks or refilling coolant if it's low.
2. Poor fuel economy: A clogged air filter, dirty fuel injectors, or a vacuum leak can all lead to reduced fuel efficiency. Regular maintenance like changing the air filter and cleaning the fuel injectors may help improve performance.
3. Engine misfires: This could be due to spark plug failure, faulty ignition coils, or worn-out distributor caps and rotors. Replacing these components should fix the issue.
4. Rough idling: A dirty mass airflow sensor, failing oxygen sensor, or vacuum leak can cause rough idling. Regular maintenance like cleaning the mass airflow sensor and fixing vacuum leaks can help.
5. Noise from exhaust: Exhaust issues might be caused by a damaged catalytic converter, muffler, or tailpipe. Repairing or replacing these parts is necessary to fix this problem.
Regarding replacement parts for a high-mileage 1986 Peugeot 205 GTi, you may want to consider:
1. Rebuilt or remanufactured engine components such as the alternator, starter motor, and water pump.
2. High-quality engine oil, air filter, fuel filter, and spark plugs that are specifically designed for high mileage vehicles.
3. Brake pads and rotors, as they tend to wear out over time and can significantly affect your car's performance and safety.
4. Suspension components like shocks absorbers and sway bars may need replacement due to wear and tear.

How can I maximize the performance and fuel efficiency of my Peugeot 205 through proper maintenance and driving techniques?

Regular Maintenance:
a) Follow the manufacturer's recommended service schedule, which includes oil changes, filter replacements, and other necessary maintenance tasks at regular intervals. Keep an eye on fluid levels (engine oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, coolant) and top them up as needed. Replace worn out parts such as belts, hoses, spark plugs, and air filters promptly to avoid any breakdown or performance issues. Check the brakes, steering, suspension, tires, and exhaust systems at least once a year or after every 12,000 miles. Driving Techniques:
a) Avoid aggressive acceleration, harsh braking, and rapid gear changes as they consume more fuel than gentle driving habits. Maintain steady speeds on highways, as higher speeds increase wind resistance and fuel consumption. Use the highest practical gear for any given speed to reduce engine revs and save fuel. Minimize idling by switching off the engine when parked for more than a minute. Avoid overloading your Peugeot 205, as it can put extra strain on the engine and decrease fuel efficiency. Drive carefully in traffic to avoid congestion-related fuel wastage. Plan your routes wisely and avoid high-traffic areas during peak hours, which can increase travel time and fuel consumption.

What is the displacement and horsepower of the engine used in the Peugeot 205?

The Peugeot 205 was equipped with a variety of engines, including four-cylinder petrol engines ranging from 1.

How does Peugeot ensure optimal performance and longevity of the engine and transmission systems in the iconic Peugeot 205, considering its age and potential wear and tear?

Peugeot ensures optimal performance and longevity of the engine and transmission systems in the iconic Peugeot 205, despite its age and potential wear and tear, by implementing several measures. Firstly, regular maintenance is crucial to keep these components functioning efficiently. This involves replacing fluids such as oil and coolant, inspecting belts and hoses for signs of damage or wear, and addressing any issues with the timing belt or alternator promptly. Secondly, Peugeot recommends using high-quality replacement parts when repairing or replacing engine and transmission components to maintain the same level of performance and reliability as the original equipment. Thirdly, Peugeot has developed specialized diagnostic tools that can identify potential problems with the engine and transmission systems early on, allowing for timely repairs before they escalate into major issues. Finally, Peugeot offers comprehensive warranties on its replacement parts and services, giving customers peace of mind and confidence in their vehicle's performance and longevity. By implementing these measures, Peugeot is able to ensure that the iconic Peugeot 205 continues to deliver optimal performance and reliability for many years to come.