Yamaha Super Tenere on-line GPS Tracking

Super Ténéré is the name that received the Yamaha XTZ 750, which was created to defeat the wilderness and conquering the famous Rally Paris -Dakar . It was presented for the first time in 1988. Its name refers to the area of ​​the Tenere desert , the Sahara is part of the territory of Niger in West Africa. This place is referred to as the worst and hottest places in the world - 600 km perfectly flat area without any human settlements or landmarks . By Tenere often ran the route of the Rally Paris -Dakar .


Motorcycle engine designed in the late 80s In a double-barreled was very unusual lubrication system of the so-called . semi-dry sump . Most of the oil is in the tank above the engine , and only a portion is housed in the crankcase . The purpose of this treatment in the machine 750T YZE marked version , intended to participate in the Paris- Dakar rally , a considerable increase in the amount of oil in the system in relation to the capacity of the oil pan due to the cooling function . Yamaha plan was simple - the machine is to win , and its retail version must be as similar to the sport .


Reamed engine with minor modifications was used in 1991 in the new model, TDM , and in 1996 went to the next novelty called TRX . The TRX - e shaft extensions have been converted by 270 ° , improving its operation and reducing vibration. This innovation was also used in TDM . However, in the XTZ 750 crankshaft left unchanged with a manipulated pivots 360 °. In 1997, production was completed XTZ 750


The engine, as well as chassis Super Tenere enjoy an excellent reputation . Therefore XTZ 750 is one of the most durable and reliable machines in history, exceptionally resistant to severe operating conditions. For 8 years production has not made ​​it any serious changes. In 1993 lists only a part , i.e. the voltage regulator , which is often overheated . Mileage of 100 000 km is a completely normal thing for this motorcycle.


XTZ 750 was never officially sold in the U.S. market . You can meet different individual alterations and modifications in vogue in different countries. To Yamaha less burned , Germany shift spiers one clove down or used the main jets , needles and idle jets with the Swiss version . Although this does not harm the engine , but reduces power ( the Swiss version - significant ). Super Tenere is a great tourist jam -road motorbike , good and asphalt turns, and on gravel roads . Tackles two people and luggage. Currently seen as a touring bike - enduro .


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