Which application use on a smartphone to see location of quad or atv on the map during the rally?

If you are a off-road driver and takes part in competitions you can share your actual position. Are you a fan off - road? You love to cross the inaccessible areas of nature where every tree there is danger in the form of quicksand, muddy swamps, protruding branches and falling poisonous snakes? Your family are very worried and do not know where you are?


You do not have to put up with constant phone calls from his wife asking: where you are and whether you okay? You can not part with the breath of the hilly breeze UK or Australia? Just install CarTrack on your phone and let the family could live online preview your entry. As a result, they will not worry about you close and if a dangerous accident immediately be informed about your position. It is ideal for users of such vehicles as the Yamaha Kodiak, Honda Rancher 350, Yamaha Grizzly 660.