Toyota Yaris Verso  gps tracking

Toyota Yaris Verso GPS Tracking

Track your Yaris Verso for free and visualize it on map

Produced from: 1999
Produced to: 2005

How to track your favourite Toyota - model Yaris Verso in realtime for free ?

Producer remarks about this particular model

The Toyota Yaris Verso, also called Toyota Funcargo, with its 3.89 meter length of a Microvan based on the Toyota Yaris, which was produced by the fall of 1999 until mid-2005. Toyota himself calls the concept "Multi Purpose Vehicle" (MPV), which is intended to describe the versatility of the vehicle concept. The Yaris Verso is characterized by its retractable in the bottom outer rear seats, the synthesis of the originally 390 liters of luggage space on a more than 1900 liters, smooth release the hold. The middle rear seat is completely removed during the conversion and can be carried or stored externally. In normal use as a five-seater in the space for the sinking of the rear seats can be used as additional storage option. The rider on the middle rear seat has a complete three-point seat belt with two Gurtlaschen / -locks. The Yaris Verso received when it was unveiled in the autumn of 1999 by Euro NCAP four stars. Later models were equipped with side airbags. The diesel version has received no ESP to the setting of the series, despite the high structure and short wheelbase. The Toyota Yaris has been built with various gasoline and diesel engines.

Our product description

We are offering you completely free of charge our GPS car tracking solution in real time. The only thing you need to do is to install smartphone with Android inside your vehicle with our awesome application on board

If you want to track your Toyota Yaris Verso in real time you have to do the following :


1. Download Free Car Tracking Application for Yaris Verso application from Google Play

2. Create free account on (for example johndoe) - here is detailed instruction

3. Define Device endpoint  for each vehicle you want to track - give friendly name of your Yaris Verso   and PIN (some random will be provided - you can change it if you want)

4. Run SpySat mobile application on the smartphone and type there your LOGIN from SpySat (ex. johndoe) and PIN (from point 3.)

5. Install your smartphone inside the car

6. Enjoy watching position of your car at site.

7. Provide stable power supply - spysat app consumes some energy.

Best options to install smartphone inside Toyota Yaris Verso

To permanently mount a smartphone in your Toyota Yaris Verso, follow these steps:
1. Find the perfect spot for your phone inside the vehicle. It's recommended to mount it in the center console or dashboard for easy access.
2. Purchase a smartphone holder that is compatible with your car model and securely mounts your phone in place. You can find various options online or at an auto store near you. Make sure the holder can rotate, adjust or slide to fit different positions.
3. Install the holder onto the desired location on your dashboard or center console using the manufacturer's guidelines. Ensure that it does not obstruct any controls and is safely attached.
4. Connect your phone directly to the battery of your Toyota Yaris Verso. This can be done by removing the plastic trim around the battery and connecting wires from the battery to the phone holder. Make sure you have the necessary tools and expertise for this step.
5. Download our free GPS tracking app that is compatible with smartphones like yours. You can search for it on your device's app store or visit our website to find the app. The app will allow you to monitor and track your vehicle's location, speed, and other useful data in real-time.
6. Set up a username and password for the GPS tracking app so that only authorized users can access the information. This ensures privacy and security of your data.
7. Regularly maintain your Toyota Yaris Verso to prolong its life and performance. Here are some useful tips:
- Keep the battery clean and well-maintained by removing any dust or debris regularly.
- Check the tire pressure and ensure that all tires have sufficient tread depth for optimal handling and safety.
- Change the oil and oil filter according to the manufacturer's recommendations.
- Replace the air filter every 6 months or as recommended by the car's owner manual.
8. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your smartphone is securely mounted, connected to the battery, and being used as a GPS tracker application with real-time location data.

Users opinions and questions

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can you explain the key differences between a 2016 and a 2018 Toyota Yaris Verso model, particularly regarding engine specs and fuel efficiency?

Certainly! Here are some of the key differences between a 2016 and a 2018 Toyota Yaris Verso model in terms of engine specifications and fuel efficiency:
Engine Specs:
- The 2016 Toyota Yaris Verso was available with three engine options: a 1.33L VVT-i petrol engine, a 1.4L Dual VVT-i petrol engine, and a 1.4L D-4D diesel engine.
- The 2018 Toyota Yaris Verso was available with two engine options: a 1.5L VVT-i petrol engine, and a 1.33L Dual VVT-i Hybrid electric system (HES) engine.
Fuel Efficiency:
- The 2016 Toyota Yaris Verso's fuel efficiency varied depending on the engine option chosen, with the most fuel-efficient being the 1.4L Dual VVT-i petrol engine, which had a combined MPG of up to 58.9. The diesel engine had a combined MPG of up to 72.4.
- The 2018 Toyota Yaris Verso's fuel efficiency also varied depending on the engine option chosen, with the most fuel-efficient being the 1.33L Dual VVT-i Hybrid electric system (HES) engine, which had a combined MPG of up to 76.3. The petrol engine had a combined MPG of up to 50.4.
In summary, while there are some similarities between the two models in terms of fuel efficiency, the 2018 Toyota Yaris Verso offers improved fuel efficiency with its hybrid electric system option. Additionally, the 2018 model features a more powerful engine option compared to the 2016 model.

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