Suzuki vinson on-line GPS Tracking

The mere deciphering the name of the vehicle does not say much , because the mountain is Mt . Vinson , which is the highest peak in Antarctica, a remote and little known . It proved to be a worthy successor liked by us obsolete already Quad Runner 500 Suzuki Vinson 500 not fails our expectations. Vinson engine capacity of 493 cc, liquid-cooled , is a very modern design. An interesting concept is an aluminum cylinder having a piston counterpart composite sliding surface ( SPSC ) , which is considerably more durable than conventional sleeve. The solution for many years successfully used by designers Suzuki motorcycles competing in motocross competitive in order to reduce vehicle weight and improve cooling of the cylinder. As befits a modern drive unit head has four valves SOHC controlled system .,7DZi1w4e3qQ

The vehicle , which we received for testing had the drive automatically. QuadMatic belt transmission , gear yourself adapting to the requirements of the site , also works effectively at conferences , allowing engine braking immediately after deduction of gas. Selecting the transmission operation is performed using the joystick on the front fender on the left side of the steering wheel. For the disposal of the driver are two speeds forward, neutral location , parking, and reverse gear . An important feature is the ability to start the vehicle in any position of the control lever .


We place extra comfartable size sofa seat , and after turning the key to our eyes appear to display all the information you need. It is not difficult to note that the manufacturer has devoted a lot of attention to ensure that the driver perfect for travel. A good solution is to , inter alia, securing his feet prior to contact with the ground by connecting platforms front fenders to the rear , which are placed at the height of the footrests . Is also useful three-liter , waterproof container in the front fender , which can carry important documents and packages.


Resignation of construction half independent suspension, which was not too comfortable , because I did not provide adequate stability when cornering and traverses , it was definitely a good move . Vinson received a very powerful rear swingarm with two very widely spaced shock absorbers . Rear wheel travel (200 mm) may not be sensational in class " maxi - quads ", but the sporting driving the vehicle does not leans as its predecessor , which in this case manifested wanted to get rid of the driver like an unruly steed .


Admittedly, the Suzuki engineers worked hard to very hard to meet the growing expectations of customers. The final result of their work is excellent. It should be emphasized that in Vinson not increased vehicle weight compared to its predecessor QuadRunner LT -F500 , and modern solutions went in the direction the driver to facilitate all activities .

Given known for years durability and resistance to the hardships of the land of Suzuki vehicles to be expected that soon Vinson will enjoy excellent opinion of a utility ATV . In the battle for the customer will have a somewhat difficult task, because as the vehicle fitted with the largest engine of Suzuki quads , the recognition will compete with much stronger competition ATVs Kawasaki Prairie 650, Yamaha Grizzly 660 and Polaris Sportsman 700


Although the vehicle is not equipped with a GPS transmitter using a smartphone and a simple , free application Car Track you can get the same effect . On the side, completely for free, get the panel allows you to see the exact route that beat since the launch of the transmitter. It remains only a matter of mounting the device - the best place is the free space under the seat. Accordingly, die-cut shape from the underside of the seat provide a good and safe place , inaccessible to pollution and to protect the unit from shocks.