Suzuki SFV 650 on-line GPS Tracking

Suzuki Gladius is an example of that at a good price , you can buy a new motorcycle , which can provide a good dose of emotion. Gladius debuted on the market a few years ago, but today it is a machine that inspires lively discussions among motorcyclists . Some even point out the metrosexual style and colors , others praise motorcycle for powerful and yet economical engine , or good driveability . Gladius is quite practical motorcycle despite its compact dimensions . Take even the display. Large classic tachometer goes well with a digital speedometer and factory-mounted display fastened gear handy not only novice riders . It is true that there is missing the fuel gauge , but when in Baku is not much gasoline the orange light turns on and the display shows the odometer indicating possible to drive a distance .


One-piece sofa placed at 785 mm from the ground and the low curb weight amounting to 206 kg with ABS appeal to lower riders and amazons . Used in Gladius power unit is based on the design used in the SV 650 This V- engine , whose two cylinders placed relative to each other at an angle of 90 degrees currently generates 72 hp at 8 400 rpm . / Min . , And maximum torque ( 64Nm ) achieved when the tip tachometer indicates 6 400.Na winding asphalt Suzuki SFV 650 Gladius works very well - faster bows and energetic change lane not precipitate this little horny off course . It is true that at higher highway speeds silhouette naked bike does not guarantee a good protection from the wind , but thanks to the accessory shaft mounted in a test copy of the rush of air was effectively neutralized to about 160 km / h Gladius brake system is equipped with standard ABS system and consists of the front wheels having a diameter of 290 mm , and in some extending piston floating caliper . Behind the deceleration corresponding to a single disc of diameter 240 mm with a single terminal .


As for weighing just over 200 kg machine brakes cope in everyday life , although by using engine braking by reducing the running you can opt out of the rear leaving him to stabilize during cornering , or when emergency braking.


Many users of motorcycles appreciates the ability to save your route on a map . Require that the motorcycle was equipped with a GPS transmitter . Suzuki SFV 650 factory does not have a built-in transmitter , but it can be quickly changed. If you only have a smartphone (and probably so ), you can instantly turn it into a tracking device for your motorcycle. This will allow you to save any travel route and on sighting his machine in case of theft . Application Installation Free Car Tracking enough to change the phone tracking device . Remains to be mounted in a discrete location - will probably be the most appropriate storage under the seat .