Privacy policy of Car Track Applications and terms of use


1) Car Tracking is based on service which allows you to gather and store your location on spysat servers for historical and analytical purposes.


2) Our applications enables GPS Service in your phone and send your location (gps LAT and LON) to server which allows you to display current and historical position of your phone installed in the vehicle.


3) GPS Coordinates , login and PIN is sent in each 15 secodns or other interval directly to service - according to Privacy policy and transport protocol described here.


4) We do not share your data with anyone - except sending it to site.


5) We assume no responsibility for the unavailability of spysat services.


6) Our front-end applications is 100% free.


7) We do not gather any personal data from your phone  (like name, e-mail , phone number etc)


From the privacy policy you can find out:

1) Registering on the site do not require any personal information. One optional element is the e-mail address which is used to recover forgotten passwords and send notifications about received invitations from other users (SpySat friends)

2) The whole system and all position data are stored on a well-protected dedicated server where owner of the site is the only administrator that has access to it.


3) You can at any time delete all devices defined. All geolocation data associated with the device will be deleted.


4) If you want to delete whole account please delete all devices defined and sent an e-mail to us. However if you delete all devices - it will be deleted automatically. Please reffer to point 5.


5) We periodically deletes accounts with no activity. From time to time we remove unused accounts from the spysat. Unused account is such that you do not log on for a period of one year and has not defined any device.


4) Using this service is totally free for everyone.


5) Site owner is not responsible for any interruption of service and loss of geolocation data stored on our servers.


6) If you have any problem you can contact us. Despite the good will not guarantee that the answer to every problem. We invite you to read our blog where you can discuss in the development of the site.


7) We do not share your data with any third-party company or organisation.


8) All data that is sent by client application and stored on our servers  for later use has been described here.


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