Kymco MXU on-line GPS Tracking

KYMCO or Kwang Yang Motor Co, Ltd is a Taiwanese company that manufactures motor scooters, motorcycles, and ATVs for worldwide distribution. Founded in 1963 after splitting from Honda,  Kymco became the largest scooter manufacturer in Taiwan, and the fifth largest scooter manufacturer worldwide.[1] KYMCO's headquarters and factory are located in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, with about 3000 employees, and producing more than 570,000 vehicles per year. The company has production facilities in Jakarta, Petaling Jaya, Shanghai, Changsha and Chengdu.

Kymco MXU 250 is for people starting their adventure with ATV Offroad. Attractive styling and durable liquid-cooled engine, which is characterized by high refinement and good performance creates a very harmonious whole. MXU 250 is equipped with an automatic transmission with reverse gear makes it easy to use the vehicle for each user.


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Above video is presenting as follow:
- Kymco MXU Front bumper
- ATV front trunk
- ATV Front lights and bulbs
- MXU Front suspension and wheels
- Kymco MXU 250cc bottom (floor) of the vehicle
- Foot brake and Motorcycle footer
- Kymco MXU 250cc 4 stroke engine block
- rear suspension of Kymco MXU 250
- Container for engine coolant to ATV 250cc
- 20-inch aluminum rims
- thumb throttle lever
- Front brake lever
- Shift lever of CVT automatic gear shift
- ignition switch
- ignition block and clocks.
- direction buttons in ATV
- sound signal ATV
- headlights switch
- the oil filler cap to the engine
- the main fuel valve
- carburetor
- idle adjustment screw motor of Kymco ATV
- Main gear and chain drive of MXU 250cc
- steering of ATV
- rear brake disc Kymco MXU
- ATV rear trunk
- ATV front lights
- Kymco maximum speed adjustment screw
- Front brake fluid tank
- Rear brake fluid tank
- Rear brake lever of ATV
- start engine switch Kymco MXU
- Left and right front brake disc
- front suspension details