Kawasaki Ninja 300 on-line GPS Tracking

Kawasaki Ninja 300 is a completely absolute legend of sport motorcycles . The distinctive shape and even associated with this motorcycle color and excellent performance make it one of the best machines in its class. There 's no way a connoisseur of motor sports did not recognize the machine and did not give her respect. Incredible performance , style and class - this is known to all the features motorcycle Kawasaki 300.

New sports instrumentation panel design gives the image of Ninja series of high quality , technologically advanced machines . Multi-function LCD screen includes speedometer , clock, fuel gauge , two counters for distance , odometer and Economic Driving indicator . White LED - backlight these counter provides good visibility at night. For additional security driver model is also available with ABS . Its technologically advanced system designed by Nissin specifically for motorcycles, offers precise control and is extremely compact . Size equals 40 % of the previous Nissin ABS system , which makes it the smallest team of ABS in the world. A new frame type "Diamond" has a redesigned main pipe , new parts are made of high strength steel , extra reinforcement and rubber front engine mount . Reduced vibration deliver high-quality feel while riding the Ninja 300 and increased driver comfort . Increased stiffness adapted to the racecourse offers a high level of stability of the chassis , which is necessary for sporty driving .


The original rear suspension Kawasaki Uni -Trak , equipped with a system of switches, provides a smooth ride and stable handling in a wide range of speeds and road conditions . Lightweight, aluminum footrests style supersport offer direct feel and good control during sporty driving . A wider , 140 mm rear tire corresponds to increased engine performance and emphasizes style supersport Ninja 300 motorcycle and improves its stability. Longer and wider in its diameter exhaust manifold and pipes central contribute to higher performance in every speed range . New, shorter muffler with a complex cross section allows for a large amount of exhaust gas flow while maintaining a large angle of inclination. Increased muffler guard protects passengers from heat and contributes to noise reduction .


Theft protection are standard as in the case of such vehicles . However, many users want to be able royalty free . Our software can be the perfect accessories Kawasaki Ninja 300 in the GPS transmitter . Just an ordinary smartphone with installed software. The application will provide access to the Web , which allow you to view the route on a satellite map . The location of the transmitter is optional, but recommended that he was not too close to the engine and especially the exhaust pipe due to excessive temperatures. You must also remember to protect the device against dust and shock.