JCB JS130 on-line GPS Tracking

The machine has a filter cleaning ensures JCB Plexus hydraulic oil with a diameter in excess of 1.5 microns . This results in a drastic reduction in the level of pollution of oil and condensates in it. The period between oil changes is 5000 operating hours . This is achieved by using two filters, one in full flow and the other in the bypass circuit . Chassis construction "X" is completely welded, which gives it strength and durability. Chassis is characterized by a high ground clearance . Cover mounted from the bottom gives it extra protection in harsh conditions. Advanced control system (AMS ) allows for the immediate identification of faults. In case of failure of electronics is always possible to turn it off . Excellent performance on digging for machines of this class . Excellent performance for the lifting load for machines of this class .


The large glass area provides excellent visibility all around her and the large open window provides excellent ventilation. Suspension system moves the actuators in extreme positions reduces vibrations transmitted to the machine and the operator when operating the boom and arm . 6 elastic , fluid-filled , shock absorber mountings reduces noise and vibration in the cabin. The heater high-performance windows and evaporation system can operate with automatic climate control and ensure full control of the temperature in the cabin. Operator's seat with cushioning as standard improves operator comfort and increased productivity of its work.


Small 2.5 meter radius of the projection of the body and a large head JS130 load make the machine ideal for work consisting of loading high trucks in a confined space. Diesel JCB Dieselmax 444 meets the European and North American standards for low emissions . The automatic re-heating glow plugs through , and start the machine from the first attempt , regardless of the climate. For operation at high temperatures , is mounted in the machine a large cooler with a mesh cover . By pressing a button we get an immediate boost capacity by 10 % , which is especially useful when digging in hard ground , when the actuator moves faster shorten cycle times . The system automatically change the speed adapts it to the ground , so as to avoid being stuck track and ensure full mobility of the machine.


To be equipped with a GPS transmitter that vehicle , which will facilitate the monitoring of the machine , just put in the cabin smartphone application installed Car Track . No need for additional hardware or expensive and complex systems . After installation, get access to the panel , on which we can observe the machine's position on the map.