Hyundai R800LC-7A on-line GPS Tracking

This excavator is the earth moving machine, used to separate the ore from the ground and transfer to the means of transport or in a landfill. Excavator can also act as device handling (then acquires and transmits only the bulk material). These machines are commonly used wherever there is need for such processes, hence it is commonly used in earthworks construction, transport and mining. In general, the distribution of excavators made ​​on the two main groups, depending on the nature of the work, excavators working in intermittent cycle, between successive stages of work are stages of the mining vessel auxiliaries, such as the transfer of the vessel from the dredged material, its empty and return to the working position, hence, that are equipped with one mold the vessel are called single shovels, excavators is a group of the most widely known and used excavators working in a continuous cycle, the subsequent stages of work of cutting utensils follow one after the other in a continuous manner, with a plurality of interconnected vessels of cutting the closed chain or set to scoop wheel, this group is referred to as excavators digging.


Based on the undercarriage and upper structure of R800-7A, this Front Shovel excavator can rely on a wide range of extensively tested systems and components. Huyndai well-know expertise in excavator manufacturing, has been put to use to succesfully develop the front shovel boom, arm and bucket of R800-7A FS. Noise and emission levels are limited despite a 497 HP TIER III Cummins QSX15 engine delivering the required power. WEIGHT - 86.5 t, MODEL ENGINE - CUMMINS ENGINE POWER - 497 hp, BUCKET CAPACITY - 4.5 m3, MAX DIG DEPTH - 2 700 mm, RANGE DIG - 10 190 mm ​​HEIGHT OF DISCHARGE - 11 510 mm.


To streamline the process of the company, when the machinery working over a large area and we want to have insight into their current position, it is useful to mount on any machine GPS transmitter. Therefore, the excavator Hyundai R800LC-7A does not have a built-in transmitter, we propose a solution to the problem by Car Track. It is a free application that you can install on your smartphone, and then put the smartphone in the operator's cabin. This allows the owner of machines will be well aware where his handlers, because he will be able to spy on a special Web application route.