Honda NC700X on-line GPS Tracking

NC700X is more than just a way of life and the joy of adventure. With features such as modern power unit , good dynamics and easy handling , juxtaposed with a massive appearance, driving position typical of the type of adventure motorcycles and comfortably tuned chassis , the new Honda is indeed an ideal machine for everyday crawling the streets. Driving pleasure , performance, easy operation and low maintenance costs make it the ideal means of everyday transport.


Before the driver , in a place where traditionally the fuel tank, is a practical storage . It has a lid with hinges and can act as a lockable trunk. There even fit a full-size motorcycle helmet . The fuel tank mounted under the bed, the preferred site of lowering the center of gravity. NC700X combines driving pleasure and ease of handling and simplicity and individuality Crossover .


Before starting the design work Honda conducted intensive market research in selected groups of middle-class consumers . It turned out that 90 % of the total runs crossed during the medium-speed and the corresponding engine speed . It became clear that customers generally attach great importance to the uniform and useful in practice, torque characteristics , as well as to easily drive a motorcycle and small service requirements . Another priority is the lowest possible fuel consumption. To meet all the demands and wishes of buyers Honda decided to develop a completely new powertrain with future prospects .


In addition to the six-speed , manual transmission in NC700X may be optionally mounted Honda twin-clutch transmission (DCT ) . This unique technical solution in the motorcycle allows you to change gears without using the clutch in manual or automatic modes . Honda NC700X DCT version there is no clutch lever or gear lever , because the box is operated using the buttons on the steering wheel. This modern technology fits perfectly with the innovative concept of a new model.


Cutting-edge technology and the most advanced production methods allow users NC700X derive satisfaction not only with excellent handling characteristics and low operating costs , but also with long service intervals . Service plan provides for inspections only every 12 000 km. Using high-quality iridium spark plugs is recommended to replace them after 48 000 km.


Honda NC700X is a motorcycle before all the tourist . Many amateurs distant routes driven on a motorcycle would like to have the ability to save routes and show off in front of her friends . Some make special travel diaries , in which precisely summarize your route . You can very easily equip this motorcycle GPS transmitter and application accurately recording the route - Free Car Track . Just somewhere on a motorcycle mount smartphone (in the case of Honda NC700X is the best place for storage in place of a traditional boot) . Care should be taken to prevent movement device ( this can be done using simple brackets ) . After you download the application and logging on we have the opportunity to preview the route in real time , sharing it with others , and of course saving.