Caterpillar 725C on-line GPS Tracking

The Cat 725C


The Cat 725C and 730C articulated truck bare-chassis models combine the proven durability, reliability and superior performance of Cat C Series articulated dump trucks with the capacity to mount specialty equipment, including application-specific bodies (coal and trash, for example), water tanks and spray systems, fuel- and lube-service components, hook-lift systems, container-transport systems, and flat-bed dump platforms. Through direct interaction with Caterpillar, Cat dealers and OEMs are prepared to work with customers in designing bare-chassis models to accommodate rear-mounted equipment systems that meet the requirements of virtually any application.


The 725C and 730C articulated truck bare-chassis models are available in two wheelbase lengths, standard and long. The long configuration allows Cat dealers and OEMs to design application-specific derivatives that can accommodate larger equipment systems, provide optimal payload capacity, and can lower the center of gravity for added stability—while leveraging the features and capabilities of the new C Series articulated truck.


The Cat 6F/1R power-shift transmission, which electronically modulates clutch engagement pressures for smooth, positive shifts, now also incorporates Caterpillar Advanced Productivity Electronic Control Strategy (APECS). The APECS system improves acceleration, maintains torque converter lock-up (and ground speed) during critical shifts, increases rimpull, provides automatic speed holding, modifies shift points to match operating conditions (for increased fuel economy), and automatically reduces retarding forces on lesser grades in lower gears, Cat says.


For controlling speed


On downhill grades, 730C models employ a new engine compression brake that provides 60 percent more retarding power than predecessor models. The 725C uses a fluid retarder with four operating modes. Both systems effectively manage speed and minimize service brake application for extended brake life.


All three new C Series models feature full-time, six-wheel drive and are equipped with wet-disc-clutch locks in the axle differentials and the inter-axle differential. On-the-go application of the locks, which assist traction in adverse conditions, is done at the 725C operator's discretion via in-cab controls, while the new Automatic Traction Control system in the 730C models applies the locks automatically—and proportionally—as ground conditions dictate – with zero input required by the operator.


To track the Caterpillar need to mount an external device to target. All you need is a regular smartphone running Google Android. Application Installation Car Track allow you to track the vehicle in real time on the website. The system is completely free and does not require taking out a separate subscription.