Caterpillar 416F on-line GPS Tracking

Experience the difference of a Cat Backhoe Loader. Spacious operator station features ergonomic controls, ample legroom and an air suspension seat that can help keep you comfortable all day long. Built for greater reach, dump height, breakout force and pushing power, the Cat 416F helps you get more done to improve your bottom line.

Standard air suspension seat, extra legroom and ergonomic controls can help make you more comfortable for a more productive work day. New boosted hydraulic brakes improve braking performance with less operator effort. Greater pushing power and increased aggressiveness in hard bank loading delivers outstanding performance. Variable displacement piston pump delivers flow and pressure to get the job done, while saving fuel all day long. New front loader arms deliver more reach, dump height and breakout. New larger torque converter delivers increased rimpull. New backhoe swing structures provide more durability in the toughest applications. Two mechanical control patterns are available – two lever excavator and two lever backhoe. Ergonomic, permanently attached foot pedals control auxiliary functions. The ergonomic, automotive style operator station helps you work comfortably and productively all day long. Select the coniguration that meets your needs – Canopy, Deluxe Cab or Deluxe Cab with air conditioning. The optional Ride Control System smoothes the ride in all conditions, including load and carry, highway roading or simply moving around the job site.

  The result can be increased operator comfort, potentially reducing operator fatigue, and improved material retention. The new gauge cluster provides a digital display of system information such as luid temperatures, hour meter and operator settings. The standard power shuttle transmission provides four speeds forward and reverse. Hydraulically shifted clutches allow on-the-go direction and travel speed shifts. Brake mode selector switch has three positions: two wheel drive, two wheel drive with all wheel braking and four wheel drive. Two wheel drive with all wheel braking provides better tire life while roading and engages the front axle when brakes are applied for improved braking performance. Brake mode selector is included in the 4WD package.


In the case where we want to be able to continually monitor the route Caterpillar 416F, we need to apply the solution Car Track. This is necessary due to the fact that, unfortunately, this factory-mounted machine does not have any GPS transmitter. Car Track however is a completely free solution. Just stock up on phone type smartphone running Google Android or Windows Mobile and install the free app Car Track. When you install a smartphone in the cab of the machine will have the opportunity to watch the route in real time on the web from anywhere with internet access. You will be also view previous routes and share saved others. This solution will facilitate the construction company if we have a machines.