Can I track my wife`s car - I think she is cheating me.

Well, in case you have a suspicion that your wife is cheating on you, you have to first of all pre-verify your suspicion. Probably would be a good honest conversation with his wife and getting rid of all irrational stimuli.


If you absolutely want to check the sincerity and truthfulness of his wife, you can do it using our application. Just that silently install on your smartphone, your wife our software and sign in to our application on-site, assuming the earlier account.


This will give you detailed information about the whereabouts of your wife. If you do not want to risk tinkering with her ​​phone, you might as well install the application in another phone and discreetly put it in the car his wife - then also you will have insight into the route (assuming of course that does not ride the bus or tram lover).