Can I track my wife`s car - I think she is cheating me.

Well, in case you have a suspicion that your wife is cheating on you, you have to first of all pre-verify your suspicion. Probably would be a good honest conversation with his wife and getting rid of all irrational stimuli but prevention is better than cure so here is some tips how to avoid an cheating.

How to prevent being cheated by spouse?

If you are afraid that your spouse have an affair you can find some help here.

If you want to be happy and have good marriage you should  find a good partner and start working on having fun together and getting closer together.
For this reason, a couple should  find a good wife that is not just a wife, but a wife that helps them to do their work.
So here are five things to do before a wedding in which you wish to meet a couple in-person:

1. Know your boundaries. Know who you really want to make love to.  Know your goals for the day and for the couple and also know where the boundary line is.

2. Look at each other's looks, especially those of other people.  This could mean you look at your partner while they are sitting with your girlfriend in the corner of the restaurant; or, it might mean you look at your boyfriend while he is taking out his car keys at the bar.  You should look at all your partner's looks and your partner's looks at each other during these kinds of situations.  

3. Take note of each other's movements.  This can be important if you want to be sure that you and your partner meet each other's eye space.  This could be because you do not like the way your partner looks at you; or because you feel uncomfortable doing this or if you are not sure about something and you are unsure of what to say.  This is the same as the difference between looking at someone while you take out your cell phone and when looking at someone on your phone with your eyes closed.  

4. Know about each other's moods.  This can be especially important if you need to be sure that you and your partner feel comfortable.  If your partner is in a bad mood, be honest and ask yourself:  "Do you feel like the relationship is working for everyone involved?  Is it working because everyone is happy in the sense that everyone is enjoying each other, enjoying what they are doing, the family that is here, the children, being with their friends?  Is it working because no one feels bad?  Are you feeling okay with your spouse?" and so on.  

5. Practice.  This is something that will make your partner happy and help you be happy together.  This might mean practicing for 20 minutes before the big day at a local hotel. Practice being with a certain kind of partner to make sure that you are not looking at someone who is more comfortable, who does not have the emotional and physical distance, to someone who does not know about your relationship and so on.  For some couples this might mean that you look at other people who have the same relationship problems as yours and they are not interested in having sex with you, to be honest and so on.  For those of your chosen partners you might be interested in having sex for the first time, maybe once before or again.
To get started,  find a good hotel on your day and start working, and practice making love and getting together as soon as you can get there, but do not forget your time, your time! It will save you a lot of anxiety and stress.  After the day you will have a better understanding of your boundaries and your needs, and also about other people in your life.

In addition to being able to communicate and being able to see and hear each other, this can also be something that can help you to build a healthy relationship:

Do not wait  for someone to ask for anything.  If you can get your partner to be kind to you, and if you have been kind to your partners and friends in the past and can continue to do so for the time being, your relationship could be going in the right direction.


What else you could do with your souse phone to avoid cheating ?

If you absolutely want to check the sincerity and truthfulness of his wife, because you have some serious concerns, you can do it using our application. Just that silently install on your smartphone, your wife our software and sign in to our application on-site, assuming the earlier created account.

This will give you detailed information about the whereabouts of your wife. If you do not want to risk tinkering with her ​​phone, you might as well install the application in another phone and discreetly put it in the car his wife - then also you will have insight into the route (assuming of course that does not ride the bus or tram lover).