Can I track cars of my employees for free ?

Why you need GPS Tracking solution for your employees ?

If you have doubts as to whether your transport company employees speak the truth about any routes, you can check them out. You do not need advanced equipment and systems for the control of fleet vehicles. Often they cost a lot of money and sometimes you still need to pay a subscription.


Sometimes, in fact, such a solution is necessary, but if you do not have a large fleet or do not need detailed data on each car CarTrack app is for you. Just install the application on any phone with Google Android and discreetly put the device in the car. You will receive accurate view routes in real time and data on vehicle speed and accurate GPS coordinates.


How to motivate employees - drivers to be loyal and not to cheat?

For some time now I have suspected that some of my employees are not completely honest and do not perform their duties with due diligence.

 I thought there had to be some way I could motivate them. I did a lot of research and I came across a book called "The Honest Man" . It was written by one Jack Deere and was a really good read.
Here is the first part: The secret lies in making the man a slave, not the slave the man, and by the end of reading the book, the worker's mind will change and he will do everything the man needs to do and will do it without a trace of doubt on his heart.

If we take a man and make him do something, without asking or asking anything, he will have a good heart, a will to succeed, an unblinking, honest mind, and an ability to perform the tasks that we ask for.

The man will be motivated, not only by the tasks we ask for, but from the fact that he is doing it. It is the job of every man to work for his own self interest. We must have a mind for what is right and wrong.

If there is no motivation and only a desire to succeed, there has to be a man who will do anything we ask for without a trace of doubt on his heart. "What Jack Deere did, in his book, was to write a book that made a very simple statement and was very well delivered. It was about the way we treat our employees.

A man is not a human being who gets along with his coworkers, no matter how good, smart, or kind he is. If all you want is to get a job, you will never do it because you never know what you will get.

What Jack Deere said was what you do not know you are doing until you try it. And then you will realize that the most valuable thing about the human body is that, for the purpose of our survival, there is nothing in the world that it can do for us except to protect our health and the future.

A great man, no matter how good his intelligence, will be unable to help his workers, but a great manager, no matter how good his heart will be able to help his staff, will always be able to help.

It has been proven that a man who is in the right mind will not cheat, it only takes a few minutes and is always in the right mind, in the right mind he will always give his workers the best work they deserve. It has been proven that a worker who is truly honest will never be in debt to the employee who he pays. He will never give money away to the employee to keep the employee's job.

And he will always treat his workers the right way because he is in fact working for his own self interest."You need to give the employees a reason to keep going and do their job, even if you cannot make up an excuse. I can promise you that you will be happier and you will be in a happier job, and in return you will be able to do the jobs you love."A man who treats his workers well in all respects is a better man. It will make his life easier for you, it will make you happy, and it will make the work you do more rewarding.

"I've been a successful business owner for 40 years and I would like to believe that the people I work with and with you work for the greater good. I believe they are good people and they do the right thing in order for us to succeed. And I know that if I were to have a little more of that mindset, I would be much better off as you're all going to be a happy team."To find out how and where to take your next employee, simply click here or go to your local business or government department to take them out for coffee or lunch.