BMW S1000RR HP4 on-line GPS Tracking

Even that which is good , you can try to improve . By changing the electronics, improved convenience , reduced weight , but primarily through mass mounted half-active suspension BMW S 1000 RR turned into HP4 . The performance figures speak for themselves: the cooled water / oil , 4 - cylinder, 4 -stroke in-line engine , four titanium valves per cylinder, two overhead camshafts . Bore / Stroke - 80 mm x 49.7 mm. Blending / motor control - Electronic injection in the inlet channel / digital engine control system including knock sensor (BMS -K +). Emission controls two three -way catalysts for the closed-loop control of emissions complying with the EU - 4 , electronically controlled valves and a controllable valve interference sound in the exhaust system . Type of fuel - unleaded petrol and premium , octane number 95-98 ( knock sensor , rated power for petrol of 98 RON ) . Clutch - multidisc in oil bath , mechanically operated , the Anti- hopping system.


Long output at full throttle with twists and places that require heavy braking , which can be a great test chassis , brakes and electronics - it offers the Spanish track in Jerez, where we tested the HP4 . As so far , there are four modes of operation: Rain, Sport, Race and Slick . All have full power. In alignment with ABS - Slick mode builds on the experience of the International German Championship (IDM ) . Improved traction control work in such a way that the Slick mode system can be adjusted in ranges of 14 (+ / -7 ) . Already during the first lap feels lower weight - by people from BMW weighing 199 kg ( with tank fueled 90% ) HP4 is the lightest liter four-barrel world. In terms of maneuverability as the S 1000 RR is not crazy , but the machine has gained focus.


Chassis retains complete tranquility , because the DDC does its job unobtrusively but effectively. Although smooth asphalt occasion after not lack , such as endless , running slightly uphill right passing the long straight . We must mobilize all the courage to fully folded early and go ahead and open the valves, releasing a whole herd of 193 hp . Back pumped 2-3 times , and then everything calms down . This DDC changed damping. However, this does not prevent the fact that leading to the next straight line machine with little vibration enters the steering wheel. Here , in turn, with the help of a hurry adjustable steering damper .


As for the GPS transmitter , a great option is just Free car track . Any additional and complex target acquisition devices . Just an ordinary smartphone with a compatible system and application from Google Play Store . Nothing simpler. Just install the application , log on to the website and you can freely and without restriction to watch the saved routes with exact coordinates and record the average speed at the time of receipt of the data point coordinates. Pure pleasure and all it's completely free.